Alice Margatroid
Official Artwork from Scarlet Weather Rhapsody




Magician (former human)


Magic, Creation and Control of dolls

First Appearance

Mystic Square (1998)


Touhou Project

M.U.G.E.N Creator(s)


Alice Margatroid is a magician and former human from Touhou Project, who first appeared in Mystic Square as both the Stage 3 Boss and Extra Stage Boss.

Character Biography

Some time after becoming a magician, Alice resided in Makai under the watchful eye of Shinki. Some time later, she decides to leave Makai and take up residence in Gensokyo's Forest of Magic as Marisa Kirisame's next-door neighbor. She has the ability to create and control dolls, often using them in battle rather than fighting her opponents directly. She is obsessed with the study of magic, as characterized by her indifference toward most other humans and youkai. She strives to create an autonomous doll that can think and act on its own without her direct intervention, but has so far been unsuccessful.

Character Versions

  • Atusi's Version
  • Gu's Version
  • Mikage's Version
  • RicePigeon's Version
  • Sai Jack's Version
  • Souki's Version
  • Sui's Version