Eirin Yagokoro
Official Art from Imperishable Night




Lunarian (Extraterrestrial)


Natural genius, Pharmacist, Immortality, Bow & Arrow

First Appearance

Imperishable Night (2004)


Touhou Project

M.U.G.E.N Creator(s)


Eirin Yagokoro is a recurring character from Touhou Project, who first appeared in Imperishable Night as both the secondary antagonist and one of two possible final bosses.

Character Biography

Eirin was originally one of several individuals who, along with her close relative Lord Tsukuyomi, left the Earth over 100,000,000 years ago in order to escape from its impurities and settled on the moon. She, along with Tsukuyomi, founded the Lunar Capital, where she was highly regarded as the most intelligent being. Although the Lunarians were able to enjoy an eternal lifespan due to the moon's purity, she created and consumed the Hourai elixir to give herself true immortality.

Years later, Eirin gave the hourai elixir to her friend, Princess Kaguya Houraisan, who was then banished to the Earth for consuming it. Kaguya was later pardoned and allowed to return to the moon, with Eirin leading a group of emissaries from the moon to escort her back. However, Eirin began to feel guilty for Kaguya's current situation as Eirin was never punished for giving Kaguya the elixir in the first place. As a result, Eirin killed the lunarian emissaries sent with her and chose to exile herself on Earth as a self-imposed punishment for her actions.

Hundreds of years later, Eirin, now living with Kaguya in Gensokyo, learned from Reisen Udongein Inaba, a lunarian emissary sent to the Earth who would eventually become Eirin's servant, that the Lunar Capital had decided to declare war on human "invaders" (who were, in reality, astronauts) trying to establish a Moon base, and gave the three of them an ultimatum to return to the moon to assist in the war effort, or risk emissaries coming to Earth to arrest them. Since Eirin and Kaguya had grown attached to life on Earth, Eirin had decided to use her knowledge to close off the passage from the Earth to the Moon that only appears during a full moon by hiding the Moon from the Earth and replacing it with a fake moon, which prevented the Full Moon from occurring. However, the lack of the full moon did not go unnoticed by the humans and youkai of Gensokyo, the latter of whom rely on the full moon for the source of their power, which led to the events of Imperishable Night.

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