Fujiwara no Mokou
Mokou Th145
Official Artwork from Urban Legend in Limbo






Immortality, manipulation of fire

First Appearance

Imperishable Night (2004)


Touhou Project

M.U.G.E.N Creator(s)


Fujiwara no Mokou, otherwise known as simply Mokou, is an immortal human from Touhou Project. She appeared in Imperishable Night as the boss of the Extra Stage, and in Urban Legend in Limbo as both a playable character and possible opponent.

Mokou was originally an ordinary human being, whose father proposed marriage to Kaguya Houraisan. After her father failed Kaguya's trial of impossible requests, Mokou saw this as an insult to her family line as sought revenge on Kaguya. In doing so, Mokou ultimately stole and consumed the hourai elixir to make herself immortal. Over the next 1300 years, her and Kaguya would continually attempt to kill each other, only for them to resurrect each time. Due to being ostracized by the ordinary humans whom she outlived, Mokou became a loner by nature, drifting from place to place until she ultimately ended up in Gensokyo. Since then she has created her own connection with the Human Village by acting as an escort to travellers, guiding them through the Bamboo Forest of the Lost while protecting them from any youkai they may encounter.

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