Kanako Yasaka
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Creation of sky, Onbashira pillars

First Appearance

Mountain of Faith (2007)


Touhou Project

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Kanako Yasaka is a shinto goddess from Touhou Project. She made her first appearance in Mountain of Faith as both the final boss and Extra Stage midboss, and was also the one indirectly responsible for the events of Subterranean Animism.

Character Biography

Kanako is the current goddess of the Moriya Shrine, which originally belonged to her friend and fellow goddess Suwako Moriya, whom she defeated thousands of years ago in the Great Suwa War. Ambitious and short-tempered, Kanako treats religion as a business, using whatever she can to bring her the most faith, placing little importance on tradition and instead favoring technological advancement. When humans in the outside world began to turn towards science rather than religion, faith in Kanako began to wane. In order to protect her own existence, she moved the shrine to Gensokyo in order to gather faith. After a brief power struggle with the tengu and kappa living on the Youkai Mountain, she had attempted to engage in a partnership with the Hakurei shrine in order to gather more followers, proposing to Reimu Hakurei that such a business deal would benefit both parties. Reimu's refusal, however, prompted Kanako to attempt to take her shrine by force, leading to the events of Mountain of Faith. Some time after her defeat by Reimu, Kanako attempts to spark a scientific revolution by introducing nuclear energy to Gensokyo. She attempted to accomplish this by sneaking into former Hell and giving Utsuho Reiuji the power of nuclear fusion by convincing her to swallow a yatagarasu. Kanako's plan backfired, however, when Utsuho's simple-mindedness caused her to misinterpret Kanako's intentions, and instead tried to use her newfound powers to take over and destroy Gensokyo instead, leading to the events of Subterranean Animism.

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