Koishi Komeiji
Koishi Th145
Official Artwork from Urban Legend in Limbo






Manipulation of the Subconscious

First Appearance

Subterranean Animism (2007)


Touhou Project

M.U.G.E.N Creator(s)


Koishi Komeiji is a satori from Touhou Project, and the younger sister of Satori Komeiji. Koishi first appears as the boss of the Extra Stage in Subterranean Animism and later as a playable character in Hopeless Masquerade and Urban Legend in Limbo.

Character Biography

In an effort to escape the fear and hatred others show towards the satori race, Koishi closed her 3rd eye. However, this had the unintentional side-effect of closing off and removing Koishi's mind, removing her ability to have thoughts or memories, and forcing Koishi's actions to be governed solely by her subconsciousness. This also gave Koishi the ability to manipulate the subconscious, manipulate what others see what she wants, as well as making others forget about her existence once they break eye contact with her. As such, due to not having any consciousness of her own, Koishi's actions can be quite whimsical, yet unpredictable. At the request of Byakuren Hijiri, Koishi serves as a laywoman at the Myouren Temple from time to time.

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