Komachi Onozuka
Official Art from Scarlet Weather Rhapsody




Shinigami (death god)


Manipulation of distance, death scythe, coins, Ferryman's boat

First Appearance

Phantasmagoria of Flower View (2005)


Touhou Project

M.U.G.E.N Creator(s)


Komachi Onozuka is a shinigami from Touhou Project. She first appeared in Phantasmagoria of Flower View as both Eiki Shiki's subordinate and a playable character.

Character Biography

Komachi is the ferryman of the Sanzu river, who escorts the souls of the recently deceased to her boss, Eiki Shiki, to be judged. However, Komachi is known as a slacker, as she works at her own pace, much to her boss's annoyance. She is carefree and enjoys talking to people, including the spirits that she ferries across the river. During Phantasmagoria of Flower View, Komachi was the one indirectly responsible for the flower incident, which normally occurs every 60 years when a massive number of deceased souls migrate to Gensokyo and begin possessing flowers as they wait to be ferried across the river, the last such incident occurring shortly after the end of World War II. This time around, Komachi felt absolutely no urgency in the situation, believing that the situation would eventually resolve itself and continued working at her own pace, indirectly causing the situation to become worse and catching the attention of many of Gensokyo's residents.

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