Lie Meiling
Artwork from Touhou Rekkaden: Rift in a Friendship Game






Martial Arts, Creation of Qi

First Appearance

Touhou Rekkaden: Rift in a Friendship Game (2005)


Touhou Project, Original

M.U.G.E.N Creator(s)

RicePigeon & Darkflare

Lie Meiling (surname Lie) is a fan-made Touhou Project character by LIONHEART. She is the final boss of Touhou Rekkaden, and is Hong Meiling's future self.

Character Biography

Lie Meiling was originally the gatekeeper to the Scarlet Devil Mansion known as Hong Meiling, who came across an old, forgotten grimoire in Patchouli Knowledge's library. After borrowing the book, Meiling discovered how to harness the full potential of her Qi powers. Shortly afterward, she is approached by Yukari Yakumo, who offers to train her as her student by having her fight the various residents of Gensokyo. During her fights, she slowly build up dark energy and negative emotion, which is only fueled by the various residents of Gensokyo who dismiss her as a joke. After besting her mistress, Remilia Scarlet, Yukari appears again, only to pit Meiling fight against her future self, Lie Meiling, for the final match.

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