Marisa Kirisame
Official Artwork from Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom




Human (Magician)


Magic (specifically light & heat magic), Broomstick, Mini-hakkero

First Appearance

Story of Eastern Wonderland (1997)


Touhou Project

M.U.G.E.N Creator(s)


Marisa Kirisame is a human magician and secondary protagonist of Touhou Project, first appearing in Story of Eastern Wonderland as a boss character and becoming a playable character in every main game in the series ever since.

Character Biography

Marisa is a self-confident person who sticks her nose into everything purely out of curiousity. She has a habit of "borrowing" things for extended periods of time, which has earned her the intense dislike of Patchouli Knowledge toward her. Marisa owns and carries a device around with her known as the Mini-Hakkero, which allows her to greatly amplify the power of her magic. Marisa is also notable for being able to replicate or copy other people's spellcards and modifying them to suit her own tastes. The most notable example of this was Yuuka Kazami's "Master Spark", which not only did Marisa claim for herself, but also used it as the basis of her "Final Spark" and "Dragon Meteor" spellcards. Even one of Patchouli's non-spell danmaku attacks was subject to this treatment, modified by Marisa into a spellcard which she dubbed "Non-directional Laser".

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