The following is a comprehensive list of all Attack Property templates on the wiki, to be used exclusively in conjunction with the {{Movedata}} template

Cancel & Movement Properties

  • Airok {{AirOk}}
  • Aironly {{AirOnly}}
  • Jcancel {{JumpCancel}}
  • Nocancel {{NoCancel}}
  • Rpdfire {{RapidFire}}
  • Specialcancel {{SpecialCancel}}
  • Supercancel {{SuperCancel}}

Hit Properties

  • Throw {{Throw}}
  • Airthrow {{AirThrow}}
  • Proj {{Projectile}}
  • OHKO {{OHKO}}
  • Fullscreen {{Fullscreen}}
  • NoDmg {{NoDmg}}
  • Chipdamage {{ChipDmg}} (NOTE: Use for Normals & Command Normals only)

Block Properties

  • Low {{Low}}
  • High {{High}}
  • Mid {{Mid}}
  • Aerial {{Aerial}}
  • AllBlock {{AllBlock}}
  • Unblockable {{Unblockable}}

Other Properties

  • Armored {{Armored}}
  • Counter {{Counter}}
  • CrossUp {{CrossUp}}
  • Crumple {{Crumple}}
  • Hardknockdown {{KnockdownH}}
  • Softknockdown {{KnockdownS}}
  • Invincible {{Invincible}}
  • Startupinv {{StartupInv}}
  • UpperBodyInv {{UpperBodyInv}}
  • LowerBodyInv {{LowerBodyInv}}
  • Otg {{OTG}}
  • ProjInv {{ProjInv}}
  • Wallbounce {{Wallbounce}}
  • Groundbounce {{Groundbounce}}
  • PoisonProp {{Poison}}
  • Teleport {{Teleport}}

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