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  • No spamming/advertising/etc.
  • Links to warez, trojans, malware, etc. will not be tolerated.

Article Specific

  • Articles must follow general standards of the english language.
  • All articles must be written from a third-person neutral perspective.
  • Characters with multiple authors must have a sub-article for each individual version.
    • Individual Character Version articles must be as detailed as possible, yet concise.
    • Only versions of a character or stage that have actually been released are permitted.
  • Articles/Sub-articles on spriteswapped characters are not allowed to have their own articles. Such articles must either be deleted or redirected to the article/sub-article of the character they are a spriteswap of.
  • Articles that are not complete or as a written work in progress must include the {{Incomplete}} template.
  • If a character is so bad it's unplayable (e.g Actarus' CVS Axel) it must contain the {{Unplayable}} template.
  • Sub-articles of a W.I.P. character are allowed, but cannot contain any categories and must be placed as a sub-article of the main article's Unreleased sub-article (i.e:"Utsuho Reiuji/Unreleased/RicePigeon's Version"). Such sub-articles must also contain the {{Unreleased}} template at the beginning of the page.