Patchouli Knowledge
Official Artwork from Scarlet Weather Rhapsody






Manipulation of various elements, High-level magic

First Appearance

The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil (2003)


Touhou Project

M.U.G.E.N Creator(s)


Patchouli Knowledge is a witch from Touhou Project, who first appears in The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil as both the Stage 4 boss and Extra Stage mid-boss, and later as a playable character in the fighting game spin-offs.

Character Biography

Patchouli is a friend of Remilia Scarlet, and acts as her resident librarian within the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Unlike other magicians in the series, such as Marisa, Alice, and Byakuren, all of which were originally born human before becoming magicians, Patchouli is a natural born magician and, as such, has a much higher affinity for magic. However, her reclusive lifestyle has left her in poor physical health and susceptible to various medical conditions, including asthma, anemia, and vitamin A deficiency. She spends much of her time studying and researching high level magic, including grimoires that are unable to be read by ordinary magicians, and is capable of combining two or more elements at once to produce even greater magic. However, her proficiency at magic is limited by her poor health; there are days where her medical conditions are so severe that she cannot finish reciting her spells properly.

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