Velociraptor as seen in Zoo Tycoon 2




Velociraptor Mongoliensis


Claws, Teeth, Great Senses (Primarily Taste)

First Appearance

Late Cretaceous, 75–71 Million Years BC.


Cretaceous Mongolia

M.U.G.E.N Creator(s)

Plushtrap (Kentrostego32)

The Velociraptor is a genus of small feathered theropod dinosaurs which lived in the Late Cretaceous era, approximately 71-75 million years ago.

Velociraptors lived in packs, as such, when one was around chances are a few more where in the local area. Velociraptors had long tails with a plume of feathers on the end, which was used primarily for balancing the velociraptor when it was chasing prey. Velociraptors are a genus of Dromaeosaurids, which consists of generally small dinosaurs, but some species like the Utahraptor grow to become 6 meters long, three times the size of Velociraptor. Despite their small size, Velociraptors can be considered dangerous due to their speed and intelligence.

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