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Yukari Yakumo
Official Artwork from Scarlet Weather Rhapsody






Parasol, Folding Fan, Manipulation of Boundaries, Onmyoudou, Shikigami Servants

First Appearance

Perfect Cherry Blossom (2004)


Touhou Project

M.U.G.E.N Creator(s)


Yukari Yakumo is a youkai from Touhou Project, who first appeared in Perfect Cherry Blossom as the series' first and only Phantasm stage boss.

Character Biography

Yukari is a youkai with the unique ability to manipulate boundaries, both physical and metaphorical. The most common application of this power, however, is in the form of her gaps in space that she can create to instantaneously travel to anywhere of her choosing. She is partially responsible for the creation of the Hakurei Border that surrounds Gensokyo and isolates it from the rest of the world. Contrary to her youthful appearance, she is one of the oldest residents of Gensokyo, having led an army of youkai in a failed attempt to invade the moon over 1,000 years ago. It is known that during this time, she went by a different name, and that Yukari is not her original name, but a name that she gave herself. This, coupled with having similar physical appearance and powers, strongly hints at the possibility that she may have once been the human known as Maribel Hearn and somehow turned into a youkai at some point in her life. She is known by many as a whimsically antagonizing mastermind who loves to toy with her opponents and use people to complete her own objectives, capable of playing the part of either the heroine or the villain depending on her whims. Many residents of Gensokyo try to avoid her as much as possible, although she has managed to befriend a few of them, such as Yuyuko Saigyouji and Suika Ibuki, and is well acquainted with Reimu Hakurei due to her association with the Hakurei border.

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